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Reaction Episode: The TikTok Course Amit Couldn't Resist
Episode 21824th January 2024 • Course Wizards • Amit Arora and Christopher Maselli
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In this engaging episode, CourseWizards hosts Amit and Chris provide a reaction piece to a successful TikTok growth course which Amit recently purchased. They analyze the effectiveness of the ad and landing page that caught Amit's attention, its captivating video, successful targeting, social proof, and low price. The hosts discuss how the course creator utilized best practices in course creation and marketing, and how these strategies can be applied by their viewers. They also touch upon the potential of incorporating AI in course creation and marketing. Viewers will take away insights into effective ad structuring, social proof use, competitive pricing, and the potential of AI in this field.

00:00 Introduction and Greetings

00:19 Surprise Topic Reveal

00:33 Discussing New Year Resolutions and Goals

00:58 Unveiling the TikTok Growth Course

01:25 Analyzing the Ad and Landing Page

02:37 Impressions and Expectations from the Course

03:14 Exploring Social Proof and Testimonials

08:12 Course Purchase and Pricing

11:08 First Look at the Course Content

15:29 Reflections on the Purchase and Closing Thoughts


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