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#445:How the Irish Times, Wins Customer Loyalty through Innovations (Short Summary Show)
Episode 44517th October 2023 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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In this weeks episode of Let’s talk “a little” loyalty Tom reviews the original podcast where Paula was joined by  Cliona Mooney, Group Data Analytics & Insights Director for The Irish Times.

The publishing industry has been through extremely challenging times over the last decade or so.  Trusted brands like the Irish Times have had to innovate to stay relevant for customers.

Cliona shares the initiatives that have proved popular and helped The Irish Times continue to  grow and retain their subscribers.

Hosted by Tom Peace

Show Notes:

1) Cliona Mooney⁠

2) The Irish Times⁠

3) #252: The Irish Times, an Iconic Irish Brand, Wins Customer Loyalty through Innovation





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