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Efficient Small Business Operations with Holly Cain
15th September 2022 • Marketing Wins • Valerie Morris
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Watch this new episode of our podcast with VIP guest Holly Cain. Holly is the owner of Prosper Collective, and a certified Director of Operations specializing in financial steadiness.

More specifically, in this episode you will learn:

  • The importance of networking with other business owners at conferences.
  • The job of a finance and operations strategist.
  • The most common finance and/or operations challenges for small businesses.
  • The back-end operations of small businesses are often chaotic.
  • How to organize the back-end processes of a business so that it runs more smoothly.
  • Why well organized back-end operations are important for business scalability.
  • The importance of well organized business processes to avoid business interruptions.
  • Why Holly decided to start working in the field of finance and business operations strategy.
  • The perks of working for a PR and marketing firm.
  • Why Holly decided to start her own business.
  • How to find confidence to offer more advanced services for clients as a new services business.
  • Why training and certification programs are important for entrepreneurs in the services industries.
  • The process of building up confidence in your abilities as a new business owner.
  • The value of small beginnings.
  • The importance the ‘learn as you go’ approach for small business.
  • How Holly promotes her services business to new audiences.
  • Why Holly decided to start a podcast.
  • Holly’s main objectives and mission for her business.
  • Why podcasts allow for a more personal connection with your audience than Instagram or Facebook.
  • How difficult it is to do a podcast?
  • Solo podcasting vs. doing it with a co-host or doing interviews.
  • The importance of picking marketing activities for your business that you can do consistently and you are comfortable with.
  • Why showing up on social media every day can feel daunting.
  • Some challenges that content creators face when trying to work from home.
  • The importance of doing things that work well for your personality when you are a solo-entrepreneur.
  • Why you should show up authentically on social media.
  • Why you shouldn't always try to follow trends and do things that other people are doing.
  • Why it is not a good idea to try to be on all the social media platforms from the start of your business.
  • Holly’s most important finance/operations tip for small businesses.
  • How to identify your core values when you start your business.
  • The people that you should follow on social media based on your set of values.
  • The key to longevity in business.
  • How running your business based on your core values will help you in the long run.
  • How aligning values can help you scale your business through employees and freelancers.
  • Why business owners should take the mission and vision for their company seriously.

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