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Beginning's End
Episode 371st November 2021 • Giant Cocktails: A San Francisco Giants Baseball Podcast • Ben Henry and Matthew Henry
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The 2021 Giants wll never age, nor fade, nor die, but the baseball season will. And our boys? Drinking the winter away! Ben is drinking smokey summer nostalgia while Matthew is howling at the harvest moon. On the baseball side of the things they look towards the 2022. Will the Giants bring back Brandon Belt? Will the rotation be another collection of undervalued injury plagued cast offs? Will Posey ride his horse into the sunset? The brother's don't know, but they have all kinds of feelings about all those things.

Alcohol free content starts at 14:48.

And thus ends season 1 of Giant Cocktails. The brothers, Bob and I will be slowing down our production but the brothers will be back! We'll have episodes if/when the Giants make a major move in the off season. We'll have a New Year's episode. And ... most importantly, we'll be announcing a new cocktail focused podcast. So we'll see you soon!