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Playing the Long Game featuring Dorie Clark
Episode 4120th December 2022 • Brand Story • Steve Gilman
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It’s no surprise that Dorie Clark’s latest book focuses on long-term strategies for your personal goals. As we all live busier and busier lives, we tend to get stuck in the now and stop thinking about where we want to be in the future. As a top communication coach and business thinker, Dorie coaches others on how to break down the busy, optimize their lives, and be more successful both personally and professionally. This episode of Brand Story shines a light on those challenges and encourages you to reevaluate your own busy life to prioritize what matters most.

This is Brand Story, a podcast celebrating the stories of real people who are making an impact on brands, business, and the world around them. Episodes feature guests from a variety of backgrounds who bring their own unique perspectives to the conversation.

Brand Story is created and produced by Gravity Group, a full-service brand and marketing agency, and is hosted by Gravity Group President, Steve Gilman.

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Episode Chapters:

(00:00) Introduction - Dorie Clark

(02:19) "Better" - How Dorie started her weekly show with Newsweek on LinkedIn

(05:33) How Steve Started the Brand Story Podcast

(07:15) Why are we stuck in short-term thinking?

(08:55) Strengthening Your Strategic Thinking Muscle

(10:08) Stuck in Busyness as a Status Symbol

(12:37) Using Busyness to Cope with Grief

(15:36) Dorie Started Writing to Explore the Pursuit of Meaning at Work

(17:26) Steve's Start in Marketing - Business People Speak Human

(19:00) Understanding Yourself - If People Say "You're A Horse," Buy a Saddle

(21:49) Professional Transitions - The Boardroom Poet

(25:14) Good Internet Hygiene - Why You Should Google Yourself

(27:46) Dorie's Career - Autonomy and Deciding When to Work

(30:23) Renaissance Weekend - the Event That Shaped Dorie the Most

(32:48) Consolidate Gains & Rebalance the Portfolio - Dorie's Life Chapter

(35:09) Dorie's Dilemma - Productivity Hacks vs. Taking a Breather

(36:16) Advice For Younger Dorie Clark - Build an Email List



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