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Interview with Tal Florentin, Founder & CEO of Summurai - Part 1
Episode 683rd March 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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In this interview, I have the pleasure of speaking with Tal Florentin. He’s in the UX space and has spent the last decade working to enhance UX using audio in the Israeli market. He’s done some monumental things in the UX world, including creating the Israeli UX certification program. After realizing that audio is the future and bound to be bigger than video, he founded Summurai which allows companies to create audio branded channels for a variety of different reasons. You’ll find some great information about how to elevate your business with audio in this interview!

We discuss:

  • What life looks like for Tal in Israel with COVID
  • Our hopeful look at the future without COVID
  • Tal’s background in software engineering which led him to design
  • The big things that popped up for Tal when he was working in design and doing research
  • The mass amount of content that is now available and how to even start consuming it all
  • Tal’s lean toward audio to enhance and make for a better customer experience
  • Optimizing our time and what we’re doing each activity
  • Using audio to fill badly used time
  • The difference between where video is going from here and where audio is going
  • Working with companies to figure out how they want to use audio
  • The uncharted territory of audio
  • When first starting Summurai, trying to eliminate the human element
  • Creating shorter pieces of audio- under 3 minutes
  • Where the name Summurai came from
  • Tal’s process for creating audio
  • Some of the different things they’ve tried in Summurai
  • Trying to make things sound conversational and when that’s not actually the goal
  • Taking written content and creating audio content from that
  • Tal’s experience working with LG and creating audio versions of training kits
  • Pulling in story telling to the different audio pieces
  • Moving ourselves away from technology with audio
  • The benefits to moving away from technology


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