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Why Strategy Must Come First with Matthew Pollard - Ep. 18
Episode 1829th September 2022 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this can’t miss episode, Matthew Pollard, international speaker and author of The Introvert’s Edge and the Introvert’s Edge to Networking, shares how he went from a scared kid in the the back office of a failing real estate office to one of the world’s top-rated speakers and on to becoming The RapidGrowth Guy.

Matthew Pollard is an internationally-recognized consultant, speaker, blogger, author, mentor, coach, and serial entrepreneur with five multi-million dollar business success stories under his belt, all before the age of 30. He is the founder and CEO of Rapid Growth, LLC, dedicated to achieving maximum ROI for businesses of all sizes. Though his client list includes multiple Fortune 500 companies, his real passion is helping small business owners end the overwhelm, eliminate the stress and guesswork, and get on a clear path to Rapid Growth. Called “the real deal” by Forbes, his methods have transformed over 3500 businesses to date.

You can learn more about Matthew Pollard and download his powerful Rapid Growth Formula for free at