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89. Boost Your Body’s Immunity with Dr. James DiNicolantonio #WellnessWednesdays
Episode 8931st March 2021 • Be Well by Kelly Leveque • Kelly Leveque
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Dr. James DiNicolantonio is a leading cardiovascular research scientist dedicated to fighting disease through streamlined lifestyle habits. His work on salt intake (check out “The Salt Fix”) was revolutionary in debunking the accepted belief that high-salt intake was bad for your health. 

Today we deep dive into nutrient deficiencies and the practical ways you can amp up your immune system to combat illness, increase energy levels and improve cardiovascular function. You’ll get the lowdown on intermittent fasting, diet, exercise, boosting vitamin levels to fight viruses, and increasing body temperature through sun, sauna, & exercise.

You will learn about...

  • Explaining the sodium/potassium pump 
  • How we should be salting our food
  • Increasing immunity and supplements
  • Upping your Vitamin D levels to fight viruses 
  • Intermittent fasting and fueling workouts 
  • Practical diet tips 
  • Why you need to up your Vitamin A, D, and Copper levels


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