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The One Where We Discuss Building An Inclusive SEO Remote Workforce with Ebere Jonathan
Episode 631st October 2023 • WTSPodcast • Isaline & Areej
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Ebere Jonathan is a Medical Technologist who found love in the Digital Marketing space. She got into Tech SEO through Chima Mmeje's FCDC Initiative and worked as a Contract SEO Specialist with The Gray Dot Company. She spends most of her time auditing and analysing websites for opportunities to improve their performance. When she's not working, Ebere spends her time reading or getting updates and making friends on social media.

She discusses how to build a connected and inclusive SEO remote workforce. The issue of mental health and inclusiveness in the workplace has gained significant awareness in recent years. However, in today's world of remote working, how can we extend this knowledge to our remote workers from diverse backgrounds? In this episode, Ebere shares her positive and negative experiences working remotely, how companies have made her feel included and how other companies can help make their remote team feel a sense of belonging.

We also discover what inspires Ebere and empowers her to be the brilliant woman she is today.

You can connect with Ebere through her LinkedIn and Twitter/X.

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