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Episode 429th September 2021 • The Change Makers • Freshworks X StudioPod Media
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The impact of digital transformation in today’s world is huge, so much of what happens in business is driven by IT — from communications to security and data storage. This podcast tells you the in-depth stories of the amazing technology and infrastructure supporting successful businesses and the visionary leaders that make it possible. Join us as we take a deep dive into the heart of the initiatives that are changing the world and get to know the characters behind them, The Change Makers.

Episode description

IT transformation can really turn things around for a company. Imagine if you spent less time working on a tedious system and more time making strategic moves in your market. In this episode of The Change Makers Podcast, we follow the journey of the leaders who dared to bring new progressive solutions into their companies and we tell you how their ideas made an impact. Join in and learn how these change-makers’ take on IT solutions made work much more efficient and enjoyable! 

Jump straight into:

(00:19) - Lucy Hallam’s work at the NHS: The massive impact that self-service brought to the service desk.

(03:01) - Brad Kay’s focus on the starting point: How to start with the people you will ultimately be serving. 

(04:35) - Prasad’s take on transformation: Don’t lose yourself in the tools and concentrate on solving the problem! 

(05:57) - Is IT being pushed to the side? Mike Myers’ views on the crucial strategic role of this operational department. 

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