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Developing Your Platform as an Author Featuring Dan Blank
Episode 5631st February 2021 • Smashing the Plateau • Smashing the Plateau
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Dan Blank is the founder of where he helps writers develop a human-centered approach to marketing and reaching their readers.

We discuss:

  • How we would have written the headline 50 years ago [02:40]
  • Ways people are missing the boat when it comes to marketing their creativity [05:03]
  • Why you should be promoting your competitors to your customers [09:27]
  • The art kid who carved out a blogging role for himself [11:18]
  • A pyramid of clarity cards [13:14]
  • Loving working with people who love their work [14:54]
  • How the web is changing publishing [16:30]
  • The biggest sigh of relief [19:04]
  • A marketing campaign that gives your work the best shot [21:10]
  • What’s bigger than you in 10 years from now [22:45]

Learn more about Dan at https://wegrowmedia.comInstagramTwitter and Facebook.