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Almost 30 - Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 349, 11th August 2020
Ep. 349 - Baring It all with The Birds Papaya
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Ep. 349 - Baring It all with The Birds Papaya


Known as @thebirdspapaya on Instagram, Sarah Nicole Landry unpacks what it means to be out there in the world with confidence and love. Being super honest, open, and vulnerable with yourself is hard enough. Embodying that around other people is a whole different level of uncomfortable… but it’s such a transformative way to live your life!  It’s hard to slow down and think of the effect that having eyes on our social media all the time has had on our emotional and mental wellbeing—the spiral of comparison or self-doubt—but she puts it into such a clear perspective. She is still, like all of us, in process, and that’s part of what’s so beautiful about her and her story.


We also talk about:

  • Being honest about your growth and transformation instead of ashamed of your past
  • The shame of wrapping your value up in external circumstances
  • Hitting rock bottom and healing
  • Having your own opinions instead of being a sponge for everyone elses
  • Learning to heal in relationships and love
  • The difficulties of vulnerability


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