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Bushy Martin – Focus on Your Health Because It Is Your Wealth
11th March 2021 • My Worst Investment Ever Podcast • Andrew Stotz
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BIO: Bushy Martin helps others to work less and live more. He is a highly respected property investment and finance expert, an author, and an anchor on Australia’s number one and longest-running property program ‘Real Estate Talk. He is also the host of the Get Invested podcast.

STORY: Bushy always believed that hard work was all a successful man needed. This made him self-obsessed with his career to a point where he abandoned everything else in his life. It made him lose everything, including his wife and son.

LEARNING: Invest in your health because it is your wealth. Focus on creating passive income so that you can have more time to live life. Time is a limited resource; use it wisely.


“People who achieve sustainable success are those who invest in themselves, in their health, and their wealth.”

Bushy Martin


Guest profile

Bushy Martin helps others work less and live more through his contributions as an award-winning author, media host, podcaster, and one of Australia’s most highly respected property investment and finance experts. He is the author of The Freedom Formula and Get Invested. He is the newly appointed anchor on Australia’s number one and longest-running property program, Real Estate Talk, and Bushy interviews some of the world’s leading investors and high performers each week on his podcast, Get Invested.

Worst investment ever

Bushy was brought up to believe that a man’s role is to work hard as the wife looks after the house and brings up the kids.

Hard work was his strength

Bushy was not very talented, so his way of standing out was to work harder than everyone else. He worked hard through high school and university. He continued to work hard even after he became an architect.

Bushy was all consumed in being a world-leading architect. His dream was to have award-winning projects all over the country, and to some degree, he achieved that level of success. Bushy got to work on some fantastic projects all over Australia and Asia.

Great on the outside, dead on the inside

Bushy had a great career, got married, had a beautiful son, and lived in a beautiful home. Everything seemed perfect on the outside, but on the inside, Bushy was dying. He became obsessive about work. He was working seven days a week, 14 hours a day, for years on end.

Losing everything

Bushy’s obsession with his career caused him to lose everything else that was important to him, including his family. That hit him hard. He was burnt out, broken, and broke at 33.

Bushy found himself at absolute Ground Zero and having to start again. He regrets the damage his obsession did to his first wife and son. Bushy resolved not to get that obsessed ever again and try to find a balance between making money and living life.

Lessons learned

Stop working for money and start getting money to work for you

Focus on creating passive income so that you do not have to work all the time at the expense of everything else in your life.

Treat yourself to some TLC

Focus on your health because it is your wealth. The moment you start investing in your health, your life will change. You will start to see the world differently, and money will not be your motivation, but your health will be.

Family is everything

Family is everything you have got. So if you have disagreements with your parents or siblings, forgive them. You do not have to forget but forgive them because if you do not, the person you are hurting most is yourself.

Andrew’s takeaways

Change is possible at any point in your life

You can change yourself whenever you feel it is necessary. Think about the kind of legacy you want to leave and adjust accordingly.

Time is our limited resource, and all that we have

Time is a scarce resource so use it wisely. Live every day intentionally to get more out of life before time runs out.

Actionable advice

Start the day by asking yourself: “What can I invest in today that is going to give me more time tomorrow?”

No. 1 goal for the next 12 months

Bushy’s number one goal for the next 12 months is to continue helping and giving to others. His goal is to look at how to evolve the Real Estate Talk show on the professional front. Bushy is also working on his third book called Get Inspired, which takes all the gold out of the podcast episodes he has been doing over the last three years. You can grab a free copy of the intro book here.

Parting words


“Get invested.”

Bushy Martin




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