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Love In Your Life - Dolah Saleh EPISODE 70, 1st December 2020
Meet Lindsay
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Meet Lindsay

Lindsay walks us through her story. From her choices in pursuit of higher education to her first job, to where she is today, we hear her thoughtfulness in the discovery process.

There were steps and missteps, but in the end, she chose the proper fit in the field of education. She tells us exactly how she uncovered her passion, asking herself the right questions, and being willing to pursue the direction where she felt "most fulfilled." She reflects, on " the moments when (she) was happy" as she reviewed her work life.

How many of us are so thoughtful in our career decisions? How willing have we been to ask ourselves the right questions, hear the answer, and then act upon it? It takes courage and belief in not only the personal benefits of doing what we love but also in how we can bestow our unique value to the world.

Here is advice directly from one who has done just that. Listen and be inspired to pursue your own dreams!