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Episode 452nd March 2021 • Sage Aging • Liz Craven
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This week on sage aging

When you think of the word 'caregiver,' who do you think of? You probably think of a Gen X woman, maybe a Baby Boomer, But the actual stats might surprise you. In this episode, my guest, Lucinda Koza, gives us a window into her experience as a family caregiver and what led her to create the I-Ally app.

My Guest

My guest for this episode is Lucinda Koza, family caregiver and founder of the I-Ally app for family caregivers. After her own experience of becoming her father's full-time caregiver at a young age, Lucinda was inspired to actively advocate for other millennial family caregivers by creating an app to meet the unique needs of millennial caregivers. Learn more about Lucinda here. 

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