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A Pathway to Insight with Ann Hince
Episode 318th May 2022 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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Join Amy as she talks with Ann Hince, author, and Spiritual Teacher, about her extraordinary journey moving from inner turmoil to inner peace. Ann explains how she realized all the trauma she had experienced growing up she internalized, which caused a great deal of emotional turmoil plus caused her body to shift out of physical alignment literally!

Ann became aware she needed help after a conversation with another mother and realized her reaction to it wasn't normal. She reached out to her doctor and learned the power of EFT Tapping. He taught her how to move the "stuck" energy she was experiencing through her body. EFT Tapping, however, was just the beginning of her fantastic transformation as she journeyed inward within her body to see new "Pathways of Insight." With this new vision, she began to heal herself from the inside out!

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