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Why Hearing Truth is Insufficient (Ephesians 1:13) – Study 24
Episode 2424th January 2020 • Deeper Christian Bible Study in Ephesians • NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson)
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Deeper Christian Bible Study in Ephesians • Study 24

Truth is important. In fact, it is the truth that sets us free (see John 8:32).

Yet if all we do is hear the truth, we will actually receive no benefit from it. While hearing the truth is indeed important, we must go beyond mere hearing and actually believe it.

In Ephesians 1:13, Paul declares that yes, you do need to hear the Word of Truth (which is the Gospel of your salvation), but mere listening won't save you. 

So while we do need to hear the truth (otherwise how will we know what to believe), let's not presume that just because we have heard the truth, we actually have the truth. There is something more than merely hearing the truth, and in this expositional study of Ephesians 1:13, Nathan Johnson tells you what that is.


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