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The CIENCE of Lead Generation and Sales Development in 2023 with Eric Quanstrom #029
Episode 292nd May 2023 • The Sales Consultant Podcast • Derrick Williams
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Eric Quanstrom is the CMO of Cience, an award-winning lead gen firm.

In this episode, we get an in-depth perspective from a seasoned CMO. We talk about driving growth in tough economic conditions, how AI is shifting competitive landscapes everywhere, and then we go deep on how Eric and his team at Cience are maximizing lead generation and sales development effectiveness for their clients.

There are a ton of gems in this interview mixed with a bit of fun. I think you might enjoy the discussion as much as we did recording it.

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Time Stamps:

[:30] Eric has been his role at Cience for 6-years so out of the gate I ask him what would be next if it ended today.

[2:58] How he went from journalism to sales & marketing.

[5:35] I ask him what taught him more; university and earning his MBA or his times as CMO. He shares how his failures

[7:53] Eric explains what he learned from leading GTM teams through the downturn of 2008 and what lessons he’s applying today considering the current economic climate.

[12:30] How we are at a similar or greater technological point of inflection as when cloud computing and SaaS/ARR business models emerged.

[16:20] How Cience is incorporating AI into their business model particularly with offerings.

[19:35] Advice on how to shape a strong alignment between sales and marketing.

[25:34] Common marketing rookie mistakes that lead to Sales not trusting Marketing.

[28:10] We explore their sales tech stack and why they adopted SalesLoft over HubSpot’s native sequencing tool.

[31:00] How Cience is different from other Lead Gen services. Eric shares a bit about their strategy and “why they are skating to where they think the puck is going” as he says. He goes deep on their holistic approach to Sales Development with a software-first approach.

[39:40] What it looks like when Cience works alongside in-house SDR teams.


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