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Pale Blue Dot: Tips & Tricks to Raise your 1st Climate Fund with Hampus Jakobsson
Episode 127th April 2022 • Climate Insiders • Yoann Berno
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Hampus Jakobsson is a General Partner at Pale Blue Dot, a Swedish seed-stage ClimateTech fund investing in startups that reduce and reverse the effects of climate change.

He was previously at BlueYard Capital, before that an angel with >100 angel investments. And before that, a serial founder.

This is an EPIC conversation between two European Climate Tech fund managers. Hampus shares a TON of insights and opinionated views. You don’t want to miss out! 

  • Fundraising for a fund vs fundraising for a startup
  • How to do fundraising the right way
  • Why smaller funds are better than large ones
  • How they run investment decisions internally and invest when they fall in love with the founders

Listen and Learn

  • Pale Blue Dot’s fund structure, scope and geography
  • The reasons why fundraising wasn’t actually that painful for them
  • The importance of filtering out the wrong LPs up front 
  • Why emerging Climate fund managers need to specialize today to raise their fund
  • How to steal deals from bigger brands generalist funds 
  • Why fund managers should actually ‘reverse pitch’ entrepreneurs to convince them they are good investors
  • How they’ve designed an entire investment process around PASSION, PRIDE and LOVE
  • The surprising simplicity of their investment decision process (with a voting scale: Hell Yes, Yes, No, Hell No) and the absence of Investment Committee
  • Great founders have some super power and extreme skills to sell to anybody or build anything that makes it hard to say no
  • Why Hampus thinks it’s way nicer to raise for a fund than to raise for a startup
  • The gold question to help investors commit:  ‘What can I do to help you decide?”
  • The #1 tip to raise a fund: start small and show a track record as a fund manager
  • The reason why emerging fund managers outperform
  • Your fund size is your strategy and it’s important not to balloon your fund size
  • Pale Blue’s ideal portfolio construction: 30 deals with 10% shareholding
  • How Pale Blue opens up their entire DD process to founders via a Notion Page
  • Why they originally intended to do a €40m fund and created two scenarios: €40m or €80m funds to test the market
  • WHEN and HOW to do a fund announcement in the media
  • Never announce when you’re not ready to absorb inbound (investors, media, job seekers, customers)
  •  Main advice to emerging fund managers: figure out your unique angles (niche, vertical, geography, belief system) and set up a hyper local or hyper verticalized fund
  • Why fund managers should NOT be capital allocators and instead people that care about people and businesses

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Final Note

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Another epic conversation to dig into Hampus’ macro views on how to crack this climate fight and how we should deviate from a pure capitalistic system.