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The Symbiotic Relationship Between Performance & Brand Marketing with Kamil Rextin #201
Episode 20117th February 2023 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Kamil Rextin is the General Manager of 42 Agency, a B2B Agency that helps SaaS companies scale Demand Generation & build RevOps infrastructure. He has worked in RevOps Growth & Demand Gen for the last 12+ years at companies like CrowdRiff & Uberflip.

He uses a scientific approach when it comes to marketing. So rather than believing whatever is trending, he experiments, and whatever proves to be effective is what matters to him.

Outside of work, Kamil enjoys hiking and reading, especially comics.

In the episode we cover:

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:08 - What Is Demand Generation?
  • 02:48 - The Relation Between Demand Generation & Brand Marketing
  • 06:03 - Top Mistakes When Implementing Dem Gen & RevOps
  • 09:08 - Demand Generation Through LinkedIn
  • 12:41 - Performance Branding
  • 14:01 - First Steps To Start Doing Performance Marketing
  • 17:05 - Kamil’s Favorite Activity To Get Into a Flow State
  • 17:37 - Kamil's Piece of Advice for His 20 Years Old Self
  • 18:22 - Kamil's Biggest Challenges at 42Agency
  • 19:05 - Instrumental Resources For Kamil's Success
  • 20:41 - What Does Success Means for Kamil Today
  • 21:25 - Get In Touch With Kamil

Get in Touch With Kamil:

Kamil’s LinkedIn

Kamil’s Twitter

42 Agency Website


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Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull & Amy Wallace

Working Backwards by Colin Bryar & Bill Carr

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