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#077: Redefining How We Teach Music Theory with Guillaume “Will” Metz
1st December 2023 • TopMusicGuitar Podcast • Tim Topham
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In today's show, we delve into the intricacies of music theory with our guest, Guillaume "Will" Metz. Renowned as a French-American guitarist, author, and teacher, Will specializes in demystifying music theory for self-taught guitarists, paving the way for enhanced improvisation skills and an overall enriched musical experience. In this episode, we explore Will's journey from having an engineering degree and transitioning to a career in music. Will address the challenges in learning music theory on the guitar and unveil the secrets of effective teaching. He shares insights on essential music theory principles and emphasizes the pivotal role of theory in unlocking creativity. From the importance of live performances to improvisation tips, Will covers it all, offering a holistic perspective on music education. Join us as we redefine how we teach music theory and unveil the key strategies for a successful music teaching business.
  • Will talks about his background, being self-taught, having an engineering degree, and transitioning to a career in music.
  • Some challenges in learning music theory on guitar.
  • Addressing music theory needs for students.
  • Will outlines essential music theory topics for guitar players using the 80/20 principle.
  • He identifies theory as a stumbling block for creativity, limiting guitarists to repetitive patterns.
  • The role of playing live and having collaboration with other musicians.
  • The importance of not delaying creativity in the learning process.
  • Some improvisation tips from Will.
  • Discussion about Will's books and online courses.
  • Marketing and business strategies.
  • One final piece of advice from Will to the listeners.

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Today’s Guest

Guillaume (Will) Metz is a French-American guitarist, author, and teacher who specializes in helping self-taught guitarists understand Music Theory in a quick and approachable way so they can improve their guitar and improvisation skills, and their overall enjoyment of the instrument. His goal is to change the way guitarists perceive music theory.

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