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How to Get More Listener Engagement
Episode 30217th January 2022 • The Podcast Accelerator, Learn How to Grow Your Podcast • Mark Asquith
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We all want more "engagement" on our podcasts but the word itself poses some challenges and leaves us fighting for broad strokes of interaction that we just can't scale. But we can fix it.

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I teach podcasting a lot, and usually for free. So, here's what I'd recommend you do next:

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RÖDE Procaster

Today I'm telling your about something that I’ve used since day ONE of podcasting back in 2013 (or 2012? I’m not sure anymore) and that is my RÖDE Procaster microphone! It’s rare that I recommend hardware because my love is more about software and the content/marketing side of podcasting but wow, this mic has served me SO well. I’ve tried ALL sorts of mics over the years and this one has never let me down. It’s an XLR mic so it’s not something that you can plug straight into a computer like you can the Samson Q2U or ATR 2100 (all amazing mics) but for the budget, this mic was the best pound-for-pound contender for me and my voice and it could be for you, too. It’s a dynamic mic so you have to be up close to it but it will keep a lot of the background noise or echo out of the recording, too.

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