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From Short Films to Feature Film Success with Damilola Orimogunje
Episode 131st March 2023 • The Naija Filmmaker • Sele Got
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Damilola Orimogunje is a Nigerian film writer, director, and producer. He has directed short films such as Family and Losing My Religion, and his debut feature film, For Maria.

Damilola Orimogunje had always been attracted to good storytelling, so he used his writing skills to explore filmmaking, starting with short films and eventually his first feature film. He learned a lot through attending film festivals, where he discovered films from around the world and experienced how art is respected and appreciated. From this, he was inspired to make his own films that could transcend her locality and tell stories that resonated with people globally. With hard work and dedication, a film he produced was selected for the prestigious Berlinale Festival, where it was met with positive reactions, an award, and even offers from distributors. Through this journey, he was reminded of the importance of having goals and staying true to them in order to create quality films.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. Damilola Orimogunje's Journey to Becoming a Filmmaker

2. Appreciating Art and Experiences at International Film Festivals



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