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Episode 90: Nenad Trunic, Offensive and Defensive Concepts For Teaching The Pick and Roll
8th January 2020 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Nenad Trunic, Offensive and Defensive Concepts For Teaching The Pick and Roll  Guest: Nenad Trunic, Former Technical Director and Coordinator of Youth Basketball Program in Iran   In this week’s coaching conversation, Nenad Trunic joins the Basketball Podcast to discuss offensive and defensive concepts for teaching the pick and roll. A key lecturer with FIBA Europe clinics, the Serbian-born Nenad Trunic has spread his teachings on basketball in dozens and dozens of countries, and through two books. There are plenty of pins on Trunic world map where he taught: Italy, Germany, France, Slovakia, Jordan, Poland, Sweden, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Portugal, Croatia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Netherlands, Romania, Canada, Israel, Bulgaria, Belgium, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Estonia, Montenegro, Cyprus, Lebanon, and the Philippines.  His most recent high-profile role was as Technical Director and Coordinator of Youth Basketball Program in Iran, leaving at the end of 2018. The myriad of countries as an instructor mirrors his own career as a point guard. In 1985, Trunic was a part of the up-and-coming U16 Yugoslavian team that won the European Championship for Cadets alongside future stars Vlade Divac, Toni Kukoč, Dino Rađa, Aleksandar Đorđević.  Later, he took his skills to pro leagues both in his home region (Yugoslavia began splitting up in 1991, resulting in separate countries of Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, and Macedonia), Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Austria, and Cyprus.   Breakdown 1:00 - Specializing in Basketball Training Technology and Selection 3:00 - Primary Philosophy on Defending the Ball Screen 7:00 - On the Ball Pressure from a Ball Handler Defender 10:00 - Teaching Cues for Covering the Ball 13:40 - How Long Does the Hedge Stay 16:00 - Changing Direction of the Screen   19:00 - Bumping 21:00 - Common Mistakes for his Students 22:00 - Hedging in European Basketball 27:00 - Switching X and O 31:00 - Supporting Switching 34:30 - Cues for Recovery 37:30 - Under, Under, Under 40:30 - New Trends 44:00 - Open Offense 47:00 - System of Numbering Actions 50:00 - Producing Great Serbian Basketball Players 53:00 - Today's Changes and Breakdown in Coaching Kids 59:00 - Conclusion   Nenad Trunic’s Bio Bio: Linkedin: Email:   Basketball Immersion Website: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at




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