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You Are Over Investigating and Misreading the Matrix: Stop It!
Episode 618th February 2021 • The Anahata Singularity • The Anahata Singularity
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In this episode, I show how most Truthers are over investigating, over analyzing, and completely missing the mark when attempting to determine what is going on in the world. The system, the matrix, is trying to communicate with you. In this episode, I show you how.

I always strive to give my listeners an entirely different perspective than what they're accustomed to, but this episode will completely change the way you see the world. I'll give you a new set of eyes... and you'll understand what I mean by that by the end of this episode.


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You are Over Investigating and Misreading the Matrix: Stop It!

Welcome to The Anahata Singularity

Alright guys. Today I’m going to go over this thing we call Truth Seeking. First of all, what is Truth Seeking? What does that mean to me?

To me, Truth Seeking is a systematic unraveling of the mysteries of this place we call reality… and partakers is this adventure, are called Truthers.

In my opinion, a Truther’s goal is to start at somewhere… anywhere, and work their way out… all the while, with one goal in mind… truth… the ultimate truth. And what is the ultimate truth? Well, spoiler alert, the ultimate truth is to discover that absolutely everything in this place is an illusion… everything, including the self. Now, I can say this, because just hearing someone say it or saying yourself is absolutely meaningless… This is something that each and every one of you must come to realize on your own. The power that this knowledge brings, comes not from the statement… the statement is empty… hollow… The true power comes in realizing it… Knowing it. Why is this the case? Well, power over the system or matrix, comes only when all parts of consciousness is convinced of this. Just saying it only informs the conscious mind, which has no real power. The subconscious and superconscious minds are where real power exists. When all parts of consciousness are aligned, that’s when magic happens. And what magic is that? Well, among other things along the way… freedom. Freedom from the bonds of this place.

The system, the matrix, has you in a death grip. It inundates you with deceptions, gas lighting, disinformation, confusion, division and misdirection, to keep you running on the gerbil wheel. It’s designed so that every escape you find, just ties you down tighter. You think you’re getting somewhere, but you’re not… As long as you’re buying any of what it’s presenting you with… as long as you’re searching for answers from within the system or the matrix its self, you’re not getting anywhere.

So where are you in this process? Truth seeking, I mean?

How many of you are stuck investigating the same thing over and over and over. How long have you been spinning your wheels on the same fucking thing?

I know a lot of you are. I see it every day when I go on social media. I’ve even had discussions with quite a few of you over the futility of falling down some rabbit hole and instead of trying to get back out, you just start digging it deeper instead. Now, I realize that sometimes a person may need to spend extra time on a particular subject to realize that it was just that… a rabbit hole… but this is where you have to quickly abandon it and move on to the next subject and work on that one. The goal here being to discover that everything within your environment is an illusion.

The problem here, is that Truth Seeking becomes an addiction, a pinion, instead liberation. I’ve seen people literally spend 10 years or more trying to uncover all of the secrets of the illuminati. It starts off as something interesting and eventually becomes insanity.

All of them start of as something interesting… flat earth… mud flood… star forts… you name it. They’re all cool as hell when you first stumble upon them… but you can’t just stay there forever.

For all of you who say “Well, I just have to know,” let me ask you this. If the so called illuminati came out of the closet today and gave you a full disclosure over absolutely everything, how would that help you… how would that help you at all? What then?

You’d be fucking lost and would likely create some other mystery to investigate the very next day… probably that evening.

So if a full disclosure would offer nothing of value, then why embark on a journey of discovery that could last for years? Why involve yourself with truth seeking at all then? Because, isn’t what you find at the end, pretty much the same thing that would happen after a full disclosure? Absolutely not. The process of discovering that this entire reality is an illusion, is what it takes to convince the other parts of consciousness that this is true. And it is a process, however, if you learn some process of elimination skills, the process can go a lot quicker and still serve the same purpose.

I’ve spent much more time on some subjects than others… the convincing took more time because of my passion for whatever subject it might have been, but overall, I have an ability to cut right to the chase with most things. I’ve always been pretty good at chipping the bullshit off of anyone thing, revealing the core nature of that thing.

This isn’t some magic trick or superhuman power… it’s just a lack of attachment to any idea. If it’s not that personal to me, it’s much easier to disassemble it.

The concept is like this… if one person lies on the stand… just one time… the entire testimony is thrown out or loses all credibility. So if you start investigating some subject, pick out a couple undeniable problems with it and realize you really don’t need to know anything else. It’s bullshit. Anything outside of that is just a waste of time… a pastime that can quickly turn into an obsession if you’re not careful.

Let’s consider an example here… and I’m choosing this one because, in my mind, it’s the easiest to digest because of the absence of controversies which evoke any sort of extreme emotional response like religion, politics, or flat earth..

The economy. It’s actually common knowledge that currency has no value… none. It’s based on faith. Ask any economist. Now, people will say “well, that’s because it’s not backed by gold.” Oh yeah, what’s gold? The value that gold has is based on what? Demand. That’s it. It has no real nutritional value, so it’s really pointless to try and eat it… and if someone flooded the market with it, it would end up being nothing more than electrical wire… and in a world wide cataclysm, it would end up as bullets. It’s value is based entirely on its alleged scarcity… alleged.

se? It’s never happened. In:

And in case you’re not grasping the point I’m trying to make here, lets put these numbers in perspective for you. Because we all talk about millions, billions, and trillions as if we have any concept at as to what that actually means.

If I said to you, let’s do lunch in a million seconds. That would mean that we would go to lunch together around 12 days from now.

If we set a date for a billion seconds from now, we wouldn’t see each other again for almost 32 years.

A trillion seconds from now? Almost 32 thousand years. 32 trillion seconds is just short of 32 thousand years.

Now, attempt to translate that to money… 28 trillion.

That’s all you need to know. Now, you could go down the path that the dollar bill is called a bill because it is… it’s actually your nation’s debt and not it’s wealth… that it’s nothing more than an IOU. You could look at the fact that Israeli currency in called a sheckle, which sounds an awful lot like a shackle… which could be a great alternative name for debt, couldn’t it. The word Mortgage, does mean Death Grip, after all.

You don’t need to know any more. It’s an illusion. You don’t need to know if it’s this family or that family that’s running the show. Every one of these things has endless rabbit holes attached, just ready to suck you in. If you knew the particular culprit who invented and is running the economy, what good would that do you? Nothing. It serves no real purpose. It’s an illusion… move on to something else.

Mud floods and orphan trains. Really interesting subjects. They have this weird nostalgic feeling to them, which adds even another layer of mystery… other than passing curiosity, you don’t need to track the history of mankind. One need only to see how history is being recorded today, to realize just how flimsy so called historical “facts” are. Another illusion. Move on.

Which brings me to something very important… a particular concept that’s probably going to be foreign to you, but I wanted to discuss it as the very foundation for this episode. I’m not here to take the fun out of truth seeking. I love watching channels that talk about these different things to. All I’m saying is don’t get stuck in one area.

The problem with all of these sources of information, is that they never have a goal in mind. In other words, how is this information going to improve your situation in any real way. My intention is to point you in that direction… and that is figuring out how all of this relates to you.

I hear a lot of talk about mistakes that seem to be intentionally placed in major events, recurring numbers, colors and themes. Now, the answers that you get from just about every truther is that some secret organization is putting these glaring discrepancies in these events as a way to mock us… that the colors and numbers are some sort of code between branch groups of this secret organization.

These commonalities in sensationalized events has become so obvious, that I see ordinary people, and by ordinary, I mean the ordinarily oblivious among us, are noticing these mistakes, colors and numbers… and are also predicting future events or the outcome of current events before they even happen. That’s big. That is evidence of a mass awakening.

The reason why we’re seeing these things, is because this reality, the system, the matrix is communicative on every level and is trying desperately to tell you something.

I believe these colors and numbers to have at least two purposes. The first, is that they appear to be seed programs or event triggers for the ground level minions of the system. I use the term event trigger in a mechanical sense, intentionally… because the behavior exhibited from certain people, is very robotic. They’re often described as seeming to get a download somehow and run it without thinking. I believe colors, numbers and also buzzwords are used as a start up program to mobilize the NPC’s, organic portals, sourceless beings, or whatever you want to call them.

The other purpose for these mistakes, colors, and numbers is to alert you that these things aren’t real. This is the matrix communicating with you to. The problem here, is that because soulful humans don’t really have a direct connect to the matrix, they’re not so quick to understand what’s going on. The organic portals get their instructions, and you all are left standing there wondering what the fuck just happened.

Get it out of your head that this is predictive programming or mockery of you. When you see a press conference and the person speaking says “we have 33 dead and 13 wounded”… there’s not some person who yells “cut” and requests someone find an object of a certain color to put behind the person speaking, before they start rolling film again.

No one is creating shows or movies, where production sometimes gets halted until some obvious reference to an event happening decades in the future, can be strategically placed somewhere within it.

Neither of these things happen. It’s fucking dumb to think that it does.

Here’s a fairly recent example. There was a video that went viral of a woman going on a tirade about republicans. She has a very specific look and particular mannerisms, that would easily lead you to guess her political leaning. There does appear to be a particular look. My oldest son describes them as being cut and paste versions of one another. The entire video bears a heavy hue of purple and she has the number 33 in her online handle. What grabs my attention is the fact that she’s screaming wake up.

Now, this little clip, in my opinion, has two specific purposes. One, is a call to action from, shall we say, the others. And the second purpose is for you to notice the color, the number, and the command to wake up… and realize this is a message from the universe, to you.

Just as a note, I mix and match terms a lot… so just to clarify, I mean the same thing when I say The System, The Matrix, The Universe. We often use the term System when referring to the evil side of our predicament… the term Matrix usually has a neutral connotation… and the term Universe has acquired this feeling of benevolence… but they’re all the same thing. It’s an intelligent illusion created by consciousness. It’s intelligent because it’s made of consciousness. It attempts to communicate with you, because it is you, the good the bad and the ugly, of you.

Alright, here’s another… The old illuminati one eye. How big of a conspiracy theory has this become? How many celebrities have we seen in photos covering one eye?

This isn’t what you think it is either. They’re not mocking you.

Matthew 6:22-23 says, The light of the body is the eye. If therefore, thine eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light.

But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore, the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness.

This is not a reference to the third eye either, in spite of what you’ve been told.

If you’ve listened to Episode 4 of this podcast, then you know of the two entities that comprise every one of us. Inside each and every person are two you’s… the person that you know to be you is actually a DOUBLE YOU. They may be called different things, depending on the source, but there is an Up you and a Down you… both the top half and the bottom half of the tree in episode 4… the Left Brain and the Right Brain…. the Super Conscious and the Subconscious.

Both are made of light… one is the false light and the other is the true light. The goal is to align the two… to consolidate them. Anything having to do with the material realm, anything at all, is of the false light. What is left when all of those things have been excluded, is the true light. That’s why, as a truther, you’re job is to dispel all illusions… all of them.

The events of 9 11, 2 thousand and one was an expression from the matrix of this concept. You had the two buildings which look like two letter I’s… phonetically the same as an eye, as in eye balls. The two fell into downward alignment, now represented as two black pits… and re-emerged as one… and not surprisingly, the building, an obelisk, that now stands in their place, is called ONE. Yeah, the two I’s became one… the eye became single.

And what was the nickname of the sitting president during this moment in time? The W. The Double You.

If you want a completely different perspective on this last

You guys have to stop getting hung up on these conspiracy theories and start listening to what the universe has to say. It’s desperately trying to tell you something. It’s time to level the fuck up.