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Midwifery, the work of a skilled birth keeper and how a lack of balance can be so harmful in the world of birth
Episode 188th June 2021 • Tipping The Balance • Katie Hickey
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Today we hear from Kemi Johnson, Kemi takes us on a journey through her life and explains how she always felt a calling to become a midwife from a very young age. Kemi was finally able to accept that calling in her late 30s and she retrained as a midwife whilst raising her children as a single mother.

Following your dreams isn't always plain sailing and Kemi shares the highs and lows she experienced, including some hard hitting lessons that are painful reminders of how she wants to support the families she works with.

We discuss what it means to find balance in the birth world and the seemingly opposing sides of birth, the medical institution on one side and the staunch opposition of anything medical on the other. We talk openly about the failings of the current maternity system so please take care of yourself whilst listening if you are currently pregnant or have experienced birth trauma yourself.

Kemi shares her experience of racism as a black midwife and what she’s learned by going through the system and coming all the way out the other side.

You can connect with Kemi on instagram @kemibirthjoyjohnson




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