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#36: How to host a COVID-secure event
Episode 361st October 2020 • The Launch Strategist • Katrina Douglas
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Katrina successfully hosted an in-person event in the middle of a pandemic when most events were cancelled. In this episode she shares how she did that, why she did that and how you too can host an in-person event safely during a pandemic. She’s also joined by Tinique Hay a highly experienced Event Manager who has been helping many business leaders navigate the online and offline event space during this time.

3 nuggets of wisdom

  • The main thing is communicating with delegates and the venue so that you and your delegates are clear on the parameters and government guidelines in place. Your delegates need to be assured that you are taking their safety seriously.
  • People are loving the intimacy of in-person events during this time, it’s become a luxury and an opportunity to support each other on a whole new level.
  • Legacy was a hybrid event; 1 day in-person, 1-day online. Hybrid is an innovative approach to events with numerous variations possible. We’re seeing a new level of creativity in the hospitality space which is encouraging to see.

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