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33. Part 1, Reclamation Client Panel: Booking Out While Doing Things Your Way
Episode 3615th May 2024 • Cycle Breakers & Money Makers • Mariela De La Mora | Leadership and Business Coach for Women of Color
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Are the rooms that you're in demonstrating how big your dreams get to be? If they're not, it might be time to change your environment. So today I've got a very special episode for you!

I'm sitting down with a panel of five current clients who are on their second or third round with Reclamation Mastermind. These women are badass leaders in their space who have intentionally carved out space to stay in Reclamation.

In talking to them, it's clear that the peer coaching and mutual aid in the mastermind have completely changed the game in their lives and businesses.

Today, I'm chatting with:

  • Yuritzy Gomez-Serrano (Somatic Coach, and our Nervous System coach for Reclamation)
  • Michelle Seijas (Leadership coach and speaker)
  • Dani Tan (Leadership & Career coach)
  • Loraine Martinez-Bellamy (Life & Business coach)
  • Rosa Revuelta (Leadership Coach for First Gen & BIPOC)

And we're reflecting on what this community has allowed them to see about themselves and their business! In Reclamation, my clients act as each other’s mirrors and they are always calling each other out with compassion. But because we’ve established safety, it’s a space to practice everything that feels hard about business.

So today we're exploring:

  • How Reclamation helped them make their gifts more public
  • Navigating tough seasons in life as an entrepreneur and how we wade through those waters together
  • What community looks like in Reclamation Mastermind

Doors to Reclamation Mastermind open TODAY! Reclamation is THE mastermind for First Gen & WOC who want to book out their offers through thought leadership and create demand for 5 figure offers, while feeling more peaceful and grounded in business.

Workshop attendees will get access first, then my email list, then the public. Get ready to apply as soon as doors open, and Receive a Peaceful Quarter Million 90 minute private strategy call with me If you apply by Friday, May 17th.

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