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Interview With Global Brand Strategist, Edward Farley – Part 2
Episode 256th May 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Here’s the second part of my interview with global brand strategist, Edward Farley. In it, we continued our conversation about the research going into artificial intelligence and how AI affects the brand experience.

In addition, we discussed: 

  • How KFC in Canada and the National Australia Bank are creating two unique brand voices using the same type of deep learning technology that powers the voice of Alexa
  • How Mastercard uses a consistent track of chords that reflects the DNA of their brand but caters it to the culture in which their audio is being utilized 
  • The connection between audio and memory
  • The importance of a brand matching its visual identity to its audio identity
  • How brands use audio to build trust
  • How audio is more than just a tool in a toolkit—it’s a tool to be invested in
  • Jingles, NBC, and other audio branding that goes back many, many years
  • What is included in a brand’s soundscape
  • How Starbucks and others use audio to facilitate loyalty and improve how their customers feel
  • Things to consider when choosing music to play at events in different countries
  • The tactics businesses use to bring their audio strategy to life and the difference those tactics make in consumer experience
  • Ed’s work with a product incubator accelerator that is engaged in startup products in the clean technology space

You can find out more about Ed by connecting with him on LinkedIn at .

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