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The Render Podcast - Cam Petty Palmer EPISODE 54, 14th April 2021
Warehouse Spaces with Ricky Hayes
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Warehouse Spaces with Ricky Hayes

Are you looking to expand your storage space & get your own warehouse?  Does the financial aspect of leasing a warehouse intimidate you?

Today’s show is all about the journey of warehouse spaces, what criteria to look for, and what mindset you should have when looking for the perfect warehouse space for your business.  Believe me, the commitment is scary, but the reward is worth it!

Our guest, Ricky Hayes, is the owner of Vox DJ’s and has years of experience with warehouse spaces all throughout the United States.

Here is a sneak peek of what this episode consists of:

[1:15] Introduction to Ricky

[6:00] The journey of all the different warehouse spaces

[18:00] Criteria when searching for warehouses

[32:50] Mindset when searching for a new warehouse

[39:30] Using Goodshuffle Pro for logistics

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See our Warehouse Tour here!

Next week we will drop an episode about hiring new team members!