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Obsidian and the King
Episode 13025th November 2023 • Waffle Free Storytelling • Tina Konstant
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Welcome To The Waffle-Free Storytelling Podcast!

We notice the noise-makers in the world. The people who call themselves leaders but are useless at best and downright criminal at worst. We all have "leaders" who come to mind when we think about it.

The ones who really make the world go around often go unnoticed. We don't even notice when they've gone because they've passed the torch to make sure the lights don't go out. These are the special ones.

We don't always see it, but we're in good hands. Take a moment, take a breather. Put your feet up and join me for a waffle-free moment. 

When the story is done, go ahead and meander around for more waffle-free tales and other stuff and nonsense.

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Written and told by Tina Konstant (Copyright)