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Our Modern Environment and the Intensifying Microplastics Problem with Emily Givler
Episode 2920th June 2022 • The Natural Evolution • Michael Roesslein
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Emily Givler, DSC, is the co-founder of Beyond Protocols, is a functional genomic nutrition consultant who utilizes personalized dietary and nutritional protocols based on genetic predispositions, environmental and epigenetic influences, and functional lab testing to help her clients regain their health. Through Beyond Protocols, she is able to take this knowledge to educate and support other professionals in better understanding the role genetics and epigenetics play in their clients as well.

During this episode, we dive into all things environmental and epigenetic, including: the role genetics play in our overall health and the common misconceptions surrounding the field, how our modern environment can have negative impacts on us all, and the mounting microplastic problem. But don’t worry- Dr. Givler gives us actions we can take despite these conditions to live a healthier life.

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