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Haters, Self-Promotion, & Lead Generation WPCP: 127
23rd December 2016 • The Kim Doyal Show • Kim Doyal
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After almost 9 years in this business there are some things I think I'll never wrap my head around. One of those things is the 'haters' out there. Those people who get bent out of shape by something that is absolutely NOT worth the energy they expend. Take a look at the screenshot below, which is what spurred this discussion about haters: WHOA! Settle down there tiger... I've been emailing much more frequently than I ever have before (almost daily). I am a customer of Ben Settle's email players and without a doubt this strategy has worked wonders for my business. I've talked about it a bunch of times on the show so I'm not going to go into detail about it here again, but I will tell you that it works. My engagement rate, sales, affiliate sales, social connections... have ALL improved. Here's another response I got to this same method: I received that email a couple months ago. I'm glad I took a screenshot of it. So now I have a choice... I can focus on the first email (whiners or snowflakes, as Ben Settle calls them), or I can focus on the second email. Clearly I'm going to focus on the second email. We all know the line... "haters gonna hate"... I simply cannot fathom getting so worked up about something like an email. Delete it, unsubscribe from it, don't read it... it's NOT a big deal. What these 'haters' don't realize is their pissy behavior says WAY more about them than it does about me (or you). I'm sharing this story for two reasons: The first reason is because it's kind of funny... and well, if you're going to get bent out of shape and email me it's quite possible I'm going to create content with your email. The second reason is to share that this happens to everyone. The more you put yourself out there, the more you share, the more you show up and do your thing the more likely it is that it's going to rub someone the wrong way. Regardless of your intention. Thank them for the content and comic relief, then go about your day. Self-Promotion This is probably one of, if not THE hardest thing I've had to overcome, work on, deal with... in my business. Like... ever. And I'm going to come right out and say that for some reason, unbeknownst to me, this seems to be a common problem for a lot of women. Men don't seem to have as hard of a time with this concept (I know I'm generalizing, but trust me on this, k?). Take my friend Jon Perez as an example... Jon has no problem promoting his stuff, blasting it everywhere and screaming from the rooftops that he's written something, created something, or is selling something. His biggest challenge is having more time to do it all ;-) . Yet somehow with a full-time job, a wife and two small children he manages to grow his business and continue working towards the lifestyle he really wants. I used to write a post, then share it and be done with it. Every now and then I might share it again or respond to a comment, but for the most part, I figured I did my thing and didn't want to 'spam' people. Let's stop and think about this for a minute. What is the likelihood that everyone who follows you or is connected to you on your social platforms is going to see the ONE message you share at that exact moment? Pretty slim to say the least. I shared this in an email yesterday, but let me go into a little more detail with something I did yesterday and the results I've gotten (so far): First, I went to a couple landing pages for current lead magnets I have and added featured images as well as a twitter & Pinterest image (for Social Warfare) Next I scheduled them to be shared a few times with CoSchedule Then I added them to the 'ReQueue' feature in CoSchedule under the category WPChick Landing pages (right now I have 3 categories for ReQueue- content, podcasts & landing pages) Within a couple hours of doing that I had about 7 opt-ins from ONE of the pages (I scheduled the other lead magnet fo...