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254 -From Idea to Product: Print-on-Demand with Contrado
Episode 25424th March 2023 • Make it British Podcast • Kate Hills
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If you love factories, then today I have a little treat for you, as we are going on a factory tour with Contrado, who are a print on demand company.

Contrado are a truly impressive UK manufacturer. They not only print fabric, leather and other surfaces like glass and pottery, in their huge facility in West London, but they also stitch bags, clothing and accessories from their printed fabrics, and even make furniture as well.

Listen in on my tour around the factory with Chris Childs, co-founder of Contrado, and then a deep-dive into the story behind the business and where he sees the future of uk manufacturing going.

You'll learn:

  • What kind of capabilities the Contrado factory has in order to keep up with customer demand [02:44]
  • How a small business could utilise Contrado's low MOQ's to test out different product types [05:51]
  • How Chris and his wife Fran started the business from humble beginnings [10:05]
  • Why technology plays such a big part in the business [15:14]
  • How Chris manages his skilled workforce to create over 500 different products [18:10] 
  • What systems Contrado has in place to guarantee happy customers [22:34]
  • How the business has tapped into multiple international markets [27:11]
  • Where Chris sees the business going in the next 20 years [32:46]

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