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Part 2: Ashlee Angelus, finding Beauty through the Breakdown
Episode 1930th December 2020 • Balance Shared • Michelle Lasley
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Introduction to Episode

Ashlee Angelus comes back to continue our conversation. We discussed, in depth the harrowing aspects motherhood can have for some mothers. In this episode, we discuss how she turned those breakdowns into breakthroughs. Ashlee is an expert at finding beauty through the breakdown, and she shares that wisdom with you.

Podcast Episode Summary

Ashlee Angelus is a life and business coach for moms. She loves to help them align their business with them. She specializes in helping moms who have forgotten themselves get reconnected and rekindle the flame that has found its way to burning out. 

Ashlee has found that moms who come to her need to give themselves permission, learn to regain their confidence, and reignite that flame.


  • Put time aside for yourself
  • Ask for help
  • Practice compassion

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