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The Power Of Introspection To Create Personal And Professional Growth
Episode 174th May 2021 • Survive & Thrive • Jennifer Ayres
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The COVID-19 pandemic was a time of change for everyone. But for Devin Basinger, it was an even bigger one as he decided to leave the company he founded and join another startup right as the pandemic was starting.  

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer Ayers is joined by Devin Basinger to talk about his experiences founding and eventually leaving his company Deep Bench, joining the startup H1, and how he’s applied the lessons he’s learned along the way to find personal and professional growth.

Act 1: Tough decisions

Devin’s background and experience (1:35)

Jennifer and Devin give a brief synopsis of his background, including going to MIT, starting his own company, and his latest work.

Career change (4:17)

Right around the time the pandemic hit, Devin was thinking about a career pivot. A discussion with H1 about their growth expectations and his potential role in that helped him pull the trigger.

Concerns about working remotely (5:45)

As Devin was deciding to jump in with H1, he explains what was going through his mind. He had concerns about being able to make an impact working remotely, which turned out to be the norm as the pandemic hit, forcing employees to start working remotely.

Act 2: Taking the leap

Making a big change during a crisis (9:09)

Moving from his own company to a new startup, Devin wasn’t taking nearly the type of risk you might think. He explains how the jump was a positive for him and his family, and how the early days of the pandemic impacted his new company.

The entrepreneurial spirit (11:38)

Devin isn’t a stranger to starting his own business, showing the entrepreneurial spirit that has been such a shining light for the country during the pandemic. But in order to carve a clearer path forward, Devin had to think about his future and plan accordingly.

Applying lessons (13:59)

It’s important to note how important trial and error can be in business. Devin has applied past experiences, especially the difficulties and lessons from founding his own company, to improve his current experiences.

Following your gut (18:17)

As Jennifer notes, following your heart and gut can be nerve-wracking at times but can also be incredibly rewarding. Devin believes his background has eliminated some of the fear that would have typically come with business decisions he’s making now.

Act 3: Introspection and looking ahead

Leaving Deep Bench (20:16)

Devin showed great courage leaving behind his company after spending several years building it up. As he explains, it was his introspection that made it clear the company needed someone else at the helm.

How to thrive (22:28)

With his insight, Devin shares what he believes companies need to be doing in order to thrive, not just survive. Taking a look at the long-term picture and your own feelings is imperative to make the right decisions.

Act 4: Making smart decisions

You don’t know what you don’t know (26:51)

Something that has been important for Devin has been taking a look at what he’s done over the past month and determining if he’s the right person to keep doing it.


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