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How Accountants Should Position & Sell Advisory
Episode 6712th September 2019 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Rhondalynn Korolak help accountants attract better and higher-paying clients by making the shift to value-priced advisory engagements. She teaches them how to put strategies in place to grow their practices, deliver value and impact for their entrepreneurial clients.

She is the leading expert on neuroscience and neuroplasticity as they apply to cash flow, advisory services and value pricing. This involves harnessing the insights from neuroscience and the power of mindset to gain leverage with clients and influence them to take action. Shownotes:

  • Trusted advisors have conversations with clients to gain leverage which inspires them to take action
  • If accountants are calling themselves a trusted advisor, they’re probably not one
  • Leverage comes from helping people understand the cost of continuing to ignore a situation or problem
  • Leverage is a mechanism for accountants to price more effectively and position advisory services
  • Some accountants think a dashboard is advisory but it’s really just a tool
  • The problem many accountants have with advisory is that it needs selling – something accounting people don’t do well
  • Accountants can be better at selling if they reframe it as influence and leverage
  • Do you know what differentiates an accountant from a business advisor?
  • The skills accountants require are different and even polar opposite to advisory skills
  • Accountants need to rewire their brains to think like entrepreneurs – this requires some neuroscience
  • Even if compliance isn’t a burning platform for accountants, it’s still getting harder to make money from it
  • What it means to be an accountant is different to 20 years ago, and the profession needs to recognise this
  • App fatigue is real, and makes it difficult for generalist accountants who don’t or won’t niche
  • Listen to what accountants really should be doing and should be getting paid for
  • Why selling and sales are not positive words for accountants and how they can get over it
  • What do do as an accounting advisor when you provide your clients with solutions but they don’t take action
  • Are all accountants cut out to be advisors? Is it skills, personality or brain wiring?
  • The initial steps for accountants to move away from compliance into more advsory services
  • How accountants can sell advisory internally to overcome negative old fashioned legacy systems and culture
  • 93% of accounting clients are financially illiterate and so cannot read reports and dashboards
  • The one skill accountants must master to really sell and deliver lucrative advisory services to clients
  • The importance of moving from accounting to accountability – the advisory service does at stop at giving the advice
  • The big reason accountants are NOT under threat for advisory work from business coaches and marketing consultants
  • What accountants must do to earn the right to win advisory business from their clients
  • Wise words of encouragement for accounting professionals who want to take the first steps in winning advisory work.

Rhondalynn Korolak on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown

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