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Phoenix Suns super team?
Episode 923rd January 2024 • Building Champions • HVSPN
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You are listening to the Art of Building Championships. the podcast with your host(s) Ethan Peck. 

In this episode of the Are of Building Championships Podcast, we discuss the Phoenix Suns and their rebuild.

Segment 1: Devan Booker 

Devan Booker was selected 13th overall in the 2015 overall draft. Devan Booker has been the saving grace for the Suns and for his first few years with the Suns, he was one of the only bright spots on the whole team. The Suns knew they had a great young player in their hands and needed to make some moves to win. At first, the Suns decided to trade Kelly Obure and pick Chris Paul.

Segment 2: Title run 

The Suns went through a complete flip in the matter of one season where they missed the playoffs the next year they acquired Chris Paul, made the finals, and actually had a 2-0 lead on the Bucks. They had a completely different change in culture even though they had come up short in the NBA finals. The Suns would run it back for another year being dominant in the regular season but falling apart in game 7 of the semi-conference round. This would eventually lead to the Suns making the trade for Kevin Durant mid-season.

Segment 3: Different team

The Suns thought their championship window was closing and it is now for sure with an older Kevin Durant on your team. The Suns went home again in the second round with KD this led to the Suns trading Chris Paul and bringing in Bradley Beal from the Wizards to be their third scorer. A lot of people were not happy with everything the Suns have done completely new teams besides Booker being the only player from that run. Personally, I think they did too much trying to become a winning team when they should’ve just kept their young core and traded Chirs Paul





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