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281: A Slow, Intentional Transition To Full Time Private Practice
1st July 2021 • Selling the Couch • Melvin Varghese, PhD
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Staying true to our values is important in the work we do as clinicians. True business success for us is not based solely on the revenue we generate but on many other important aspects, such as working in a way that our genuine gifts and talents show forth in the meaningful and purposeful work that we do. Join us to learn more.

Our Featured Guest-Jennifer Kasey, PsyD

Jennifer Kasey is a good friend, mentor, and sister in the Christian faith. She and I met way back in 2009 in Nashville, and I’m thrilled that she’s joining us today. She’ll share her perspective on making a slow and intentional transition to full-time private practice. She started as a psychologist at Vanderbilt’s University Counseling Center and then transitioned to a large healthcare system with a small private practice on the side. Over this decade of transitional change, Jennifer has learned many valuable lessons. She will share the logical steps she took in her transition to full-time private practice, the hard moments in the journey, and what she has cherished most about the process.



You’ll Learn

●     Why the first logical step toward private practice for Jennifer was a whiteboard with color-coded short-term and long-term goals

●     How she took the next steps of applying for her LLC, creating her website, setting up her business account, downloading bookkeeping software, updating her Psychology Today profile, and more

●     A breakdown of Jennifer’s items included on her whiteboard--and why she still looks at it every day in her office

●     How Jennifer’s mindset has changed as she gained confidence and let go of fear

●     How the hard moments in private practice showed her to learn from the NOs

●     How Jennifer learned to stay true to herself, her goals, and values and not live in the “shoulds”

●     How Jennifer finds contentment in being herself and staying with her “true North”

●     Why you can’t follow after someone else’s definition of success

●     What Jennifer cherishes most about building her practice slowly and intentionally: freedom, creativity, and a sense of empowerment

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Hi. I'm Melvin. I'm a psychologist (PhD), entrepreneur, and online creator living in Philadelphia, PA.

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