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Welcome to The SEO Mindset Podcast [Trailer]
Trailer29th March 2022 • The SEO Mindset Podcast • Sarah & Tazmin
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Hello everyone! This is The SEO Mindset Podcast, with your hosts Life Coach Tazmin Suleman and SEO Manager Sarah McDowell.

Each episode we will give you actionable tips, guidance and advice, sharing our own experiences and real life examples to help you not only build your inner confidence but to also thrive in your professional career.

Having spoken to members of our industry, there were some common pain points. These included frustration at lack of career and salary progression, overwhelm and  imposter syndrome. A key way to tackle these is by harnessing the power of the mind, because if you change how you think, you will change how you feel, and if you change how you feel you will change what you do.

In this podcast series, we want to show you how.

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