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Why Battery Monitoring?
Episode 620th October 2021 • DC Power Hour • Eagle Eye Power Solutions
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In this episode’s Battery Blarney segment, George Pedersen and Allen Byrne talk with hosts David Neubert and Andrew Charlton about why Battery Monitoring is important. They discuss artificial intelligence, or machine learning, and the new role it plays in replicating the work of battery technicians. Routine maintenance is a must for success.

Andrew continues the conversation with industry expert Nigel Scott who offers an engineering perspective on battery monitoring and what has - and hasn’t - changed over the years. According to Nigel, the point of a battery monitoring system is to avoid trouble. 

Episode Highlights

07:16 If you could only look at a couple of things about a battery, what would you look at? Overwhelmingly two of the top items were: battery temperature and battery charge current.

14:24 Getting accurate measurements off the battery is probably the biggest challenge the manufacturers of monitors have.

18:03 The key to making and achieving good results with machine learning is the ability to collect a lot of data and analyze all that data. 

19:14 The machine can replicate a thousand battery technicians by just looking at a whole data set, but it needs to know what to look at.

23:32 You can not 100% totally rely on battery monitoring as the only source of information. You still need to inspect the battery on a regular basis.

33:55 Interview with Andrew Charlton and Nigel Scott

37:56 The goal of a user who buys a battery monitoring system is to avoid difficulties if and when a battery should fail.

40:36 If you just present raw data to a customer - especially a customer with a lot of systems - you’re asking for trouble.

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