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Five Mistakes Keeping You From You
Episode 73rd November 2020 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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The goal of counseling is NOT to save your marriage. I repeat, saving your marriage is not the goal. The goal is for you to find your manhood and fight for it, no matter what she decides to do. Too many men are willing to sacrifice their identity to keep the marriage afloat, whether for the wife, the kids, or their pride. In this episode, Mark lays out five key mistakes that are actually harming your children more, crapping on your important boundaries, and keeping you in a state of retreat instead of leadership.

“Be a leader, not a retreater.”

- Mark Santiago

In This Episode:

- What to do when your wife wants you out

- How to leverage your pain and become a leader, not a retreater

- The relationship between divorce and your children

- What “focusing on you” ACTUALLY means

- Take these concrete steps to NEVER feel like a victim again

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