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Chapter 198. It isn't just gold, it's gold-plated gold.
Episode 19826th February 2024 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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As you would expect after a couple of weeks of content-heavy TCD (sorry Lucy, and big tens to Captain Hunter) we regress to a more predictable episode complete with a heavy dose of wheezy laughs and surreal notions.

The reading this week is an almost forgotten recollection of my 100th gig, somewhere back in the hazy days of Seasons End in a disco. Thanks to Roger H for the inspiration (and the copy) which we seized upon, because it was such a bloody good idea.

Other than that it flits around all over the place this week, so prepare yourself for a wee bit of everything and hopefully we will all arrive at the same point after about an hour.

Bubble sends his love and says he's got a killer idea for Micheal Jackson.


PS. Sorry Tom. There was no need for it.

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