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Riverdale High AV Club - Megan and Ezra EPISODE 43, 6th October 2020
43. My Tinder Archie
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43. My Tinder Archie

Curl up and join your hosts today with a cat for your lap, a snickerdoodle for your mouth, an Archie for your heart. This episode brings us the conclusion of the Love Showdown, featuring some of Cheryl's classic wackiness, and wrapping up the arc into a whole new era of Riverdale - one where Cheryl Blossom is here to stay.

Up next, Ezra blesses us with a brand new set of Fantabulous Contrabulations that include Reggie being a cad, Moose getting a brain injury, and Archie having the magic in him all along.

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Don't forget to join us for season 1 of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, starting Friday (10/9) right here!

To all our new listeners, welcome! We're happy to have you in the jalopy as we cruise through Riverdale. See you at the Chok'lit Shoppe!