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No More Piecemeal Research: Frederik Mijnhardt on the Next Era of Equity Compensation Education
Episode 1024th May 2022 • Thriving Globally with Equity • Shareworks / StudioPod Media / Campfire Labs
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What you’ll learn from this episode:

● Why third parties may give advice that employers can’t: “Is the company going to go bankrupt or grow 10X? The company doesn't want to take either stance. The company can't tell all its employees, ’We are definitely going to be worth $10 billion. You should exercise now.’ What happens if it doesn't?”

● How equity compensation decisions vary from person to person: “[Our goal is to help people] make the right decision for them and that is not always exercising. Sometimes it's better to not exercise. Sometimes it's better to wait two years and see what's going to happen. It depends on the individual. ”

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