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What Real Entrepreneurism Looks Like with Chelsea Husum - Ep. 165
Episode 16521st May 2024 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this structured episode, Chelsea Husum, Owner of, shares her strategies for cultivating transformative habits and personal practices that have enriched her life.

You will discover:

- the lies every entrepreneur must overcome

- why and how to set the boundaries you need to succeed

- why we should all stop pretending things are perfect (and what it's costing us)

Chelsea Husum stands out in the male-dominated construction industry, exemplifying entrepreneurship, personal growth, and empowerment through her successful startup. Her upcoming book, "Real Vibes Only: Unapologetic Confessions of a Hot Mess MomPreneur," merges entrepreneurship and motherhood with resilience and honesty. What truly distinguishes Chelsea is her relatability and self-deprecating humor, making her an inspiring and relatable figure. She doesn't just share stories; she brings them to life, motivating listeners to feel connected and seen. In a world filled with curated content, she offers authenticity. 

You can learn more about Chelsea Husum and get a copy of her book at





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