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Creative Outreach Ideas from a Real Human - Jeremiah Griffin
Episode 7229th June 2022 • Stories of Selling Human • Alex Smith
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Creative outreach. Wacky prospecting ideas. Gimmicks! How do you separate out the difference between an out of the box prospecting idea that's effective and ones that are really just cute gimmicks in the moment? I brought on Jeremiah Griffin, Head of Sales at the Sales Rebellion to talk about this. Jeremiah describes himself as a professional attention getter and crafter of creative copy.

In this episode we break down differences of creative outreach, and gimmicks. He shares out of the box ideas that take planning and creative campaigns that can be run in minutes.

Everything from the "Unwritten Story" to the "Coffee Stained Letter" to a story of how he was able to get a meeting using a personalized cutting board and a BINGO card! This is some creative stuff and using his frameworks, it might spark some ideas to you the next time you want to get creative and send someone something good to get you remembered in a good way.

Key Moments:

2:35 : Jermiah's definition of Selling by Being Human - remember the Golden Rule - treat others the way you want to be treated on the other end.

13:00 - Difference between gimicky outreach and effective creative outreach

19:00 - Measuring success on different outreach

21:07 - A personalized cutting board sent to VP of Sales

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