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004 | Finding your next HR job – key tips from an HR Recruiter, with Tansel Omer
Episode 420th August 2021 • HR Coffee Time • Fay Wallis
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Finding a great Recruiter can be the key to getting your next HR role. But how do you find one, when there are so many horror stories flying around of disinterested, pushy or unhelpful Recruiters?

Well, this episode of the HR Coffee Time podcast is here to help. In it, Fay interviews experienced and trusted HR Recruiter Tansel Omer. He shares his key tips and insights on how to find the right Recruiter for you, what to expect from working with them and how to help them help you to find your perfect role.

Key Points From This Episode

[02:38] Introduction to Tansel

[06:21] The problem with HR job titles

[07:21] The challenge of being up against a high volume of other job applicants

[11:45] Why it's a good idea to register with a Recruiter when looking for a new role

[14:32] Why Recruiters are sometimes misunderstood

[16:00] The balancing act of building and maintaining relationships with several Recruiters

[17:38] The importance of being clear about what you want/what you're looking for

[19:42] Why Recruiters don't always post jobs on LinkedIn

[21:31] How Recruiters find the right candidates for the vacancies they're trying to fill

[22:23] How Recruiters use LinkedIn to fill a role

[25:51] Some of the reasons Tansel is able to provide a high-quality Recruitment service

[30:04] How often you should be in touch with a Recruiter

[33:53] The challenge of interviews - being prepared

[36:59] Tansel's top book recommendation

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