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22 - What Our Shifting Culture Means For Researchers, with Grant McCracken
Episode 2226th July 2022 • GreenBook Podcast • GreenBook
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In this week's episode: Lenny Murphy is joined by Grant McCracken, an Anthropologist and Ethnographer with a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and the author of 14 books.

Grant has studied American culture and commerce for 25 years; he's taught at Harvard, the University of Cambridge, and he was a member of the Convergence Culture Consortium at MIT.

Join us while Lenny and Grant discuss the fragmentation points that are occurring in society, how culture is not cohering the same way it has in the past, and our path moving forward recognizing a seismic shift.

Top Topics We Explore In This Episode:

  • Why young adults become trapped in a "Failure to Launch" reality, from an anthropological perspective, and their lack of attainable navigational satellites with the breakdown of an effective Avant Garde.
  • The sheer volume of bad behavior in our society, both individual and corporate, and the need for a new honor code and a restore morality and decency -- and the economics of so doing.
  • The opportunity for the research community to make a real difference by making sense of these dynamics, from an anthropological, ethnographic viewpoint

Many thanks to Grant, for being our guest. Thanks also to our host, Lenny Murphy, our producer, Karen Lynch, our editor, James Carlisle, and our sponsor, InnovateMR.

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