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Leading Consciously with Ana Maria Moreno
Episode 868th May 2024 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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“Being a conscious leader makes smart business sense,” asserts Ana Maria Moreno, CEO and founder of Copal. Copal is a business coaching practice that incorporates inner energetic work to help entrepreneurs elevate their business and personal lives. Ana Maria has an impressive background, including an Ivy League degree, an MBA from Oxford, and leadership roles at startups and Uber, but despite her professional success, she still felt something was missing. This realization led her to align her business acumen with a mindful, purpose-driven approach at Copal.

Ana Maria stresses that even the best strategies can fail if a leader lacks the right mindset; passion alone is insufficient without a clear business roadmap. She introduces the “Copal Method,” a three-step process she developed, which consists of dissolution (conducting an honest self-assessment), creation (developing a personal vision), and offering up (executing that vision). This method integrates detailed business strategy with inner work, aligning business practices with personal growth.

Ana Maria anticipates a shift from the hustle culture to a more conscious, mindful approach to business and leadership. She envisions conscious leadership—focusing on both results and team well-being—as increasingly vital, particularly as AI and technology continue to change the business scene. 


  • “I really chose to do the inner work and through that, I realized and came to understand that my purpose in the world and in my life is to really help connect two seemingly disparate worlds, which is business, with a more conscious, mindful approach.” (03:07 | Ana Maria Moreno)
  • “I really decided to leverage all of my skills in business, which had been accumulated and had made me very successful. So I didn't want to throw that out and it is a part of me, but also, I wanted to do it in a way that felt more like truly me. With Copal, we're helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and changemakers, create businesses that feel authentically them and that support them in creating lives that are also authentically theirs.” (03:30 | Ana Maria Moreno)
  • “Not everyone's path needs to look a certain way. What success means to one person can be very different for what success means to someone else. So for me, it's really defining what success is for each individual, both in business and in their life, and then helping them realize that and realize that vision. Because I think that every one of us has these gifts that we came to the world to bring.” (04:04 | Ana Maria Moreno)
  • “We need to broaden the definition of entrepreneurship so that there's a bigger spectrum of what entrepreneurship looks like.” (15:32 | Ana Maria Moreno)
  • “Conscious leadership is a mindful approach to leadership where you are leading your teams to amazing results, but you're doing it in a way that you're caring for their wellness and not just what you're doing, but how you're doing it, how you're getting to those results, and how people feel and are engaged throughout that process.” (18:07 | Ana Maria Moreno) 


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